Angel River is towering over the surrounding area. See the photos.

Angel River is towering over the surrounding area. See the photos.

The Angel River investment project in the Oława River Suburb is beginning to tower over the surrounding area. The construction of the 11th floor has just started and intensive bricklaying work is also being carried out in connection with the building of walls and the execution of connections for the buildings. More than 75% of the apartments have already been sold.

At 15-19 Walońska Streetintensive work is under way on the construction of Angel River – a real property development project of the Angel Poland Group. After less than a year the apartment building is beginning to tower over the surrounding area.

“We’ve just overtaken the 9-floor Wings apartment building located right next to ours. Angel River is ultimately going to reach the height of 17 floors,” says Sebastian Bieńkowski, the Technical Director of Angel River. “Bricklaying work is moving fast. On three underground and five overground storeys the walls have already been made – both the exterior walls and the partition walls that separate individual apartments. Work has also started on the execution of the heating and power connections for the buildings. Within the next three weeks we’ll proceed with the installation of woodwork,” he adds.

180 employees, 341 apartments

The work is proceeding according to plan. The overground structure of Angel River has been completed in nearly 70%, while the installation work in the underground part – in 99% and in the overground part – in 20%. Approximately 180 employees are currently working on the site. According to the investor’s plans the reinforced concrete structure is to be completed by the end of this year and the whole investment project is scheduled to be finished in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The two buildings will ultimately have nine and seventeen floors, respectively, with a total of 341 apartments, more than 75% of which have already found their owners. The common parts will feature a number of amenities for the residents, including a fitness zone with an area of over 200 m2 with saunas and jaccuzis, an elegant lobby with a meeting area for the residents, a children's playroom, a parking area with several dozen places for guests in the underground garage or a charging station for electric vehicles.

New space for everyone

The Angel River project under construction is not the only change taking place in the Walońska Street area. Recently the marina located along the Oława River has also undergone a major renovation.

“We’ve partly replaced the boards on the walkways at Walońska Street. In addition, we’ve refreshed the metal structure and performed maintenance work on 300 m2 of wooden floating elements. The renovation has cost a total of several tens of thousands of zlotys,” says Sebastian Bieńkowski.

The completion of the renovation work means that all the Wroclaw residents will be able to take advantage of the marina, which is already happening. Stretching classes have recently been held here, as well as boat trips that have attracted many local residents.

“The local people need such places, so it seems natural to think about a return to the Oława River and to make use of its potential. We are happy to be actively participating in this process, but we still haven’t said our last word,” says Natalia Sawicka, the Sales and Marketing Director of Angel River.

As part of the investment project a public boulevard will also be created, which will be an integral part of the scenic walking and leisure route along the river. The investor will also redevelop and modernise the intersection of Traugutta and Miernicza Streets.