First Year of Angel Care

First Year of Angel Care

Thousands of hours of therapy and novel activities. Angel Care in Wroclaw has been in operation for a year.

55,000 hours of therapy, classes and workshops, 285 members of the Senior Citizens Club, 142 persons examined free of charge at the Memory Clinic. Wroclaw’s Angel Care, the first comprehensive senior citizen centre in Poland, has been in operation for a year. Right now it is launching new forms of care – Holiday Stays and Group Workshops.

A year ago Angel Care was opened in Wroclaw – Poland’s first comprehensive care centre for the elderly. It is currently the place of residence for more than 100 senior citizens, whose total age is 7970 years, with the youngest resident being 46 years old and the oldest one – 96 years old. The Centre uses care practices that have proved effective in Western countries (including individual therapy and activation programmes). How viable is this model in the Polish market?

“Angel Care is developing as planned. If we count convalescences and temporary stays, 267 people have stayed with us so far and our patients have spent over 55,000 hours in therapies, workshops and classes. These figures confirm that the Polish market is ready for comprehensive high-standard care,” says Michał Kowalski, CEO of Angel Care.

Angel Care is available for both self-reliant senior citizens and persons requiring assistance on a daily basis, including those suffering from dementia. In practice, the centre is divided into independent parts, each of which fulfils a specific function: apartments for active senior citizens with services and medical care, a Nursing Home (occupied by persons who need help in their day-to-day functioning) and the Dementia Treatment Centre (which will be available for persons suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease). Angel Care also offers care services of a shorter duration – temporary, convalescence, and rehabilitation stays.

Angel Care Foundation

A part of the senior citizen centre structure is the Angel Care Foundation, which draws on the experience of an international team of specialists and consultants who are active in many European and global centres. Its activities include: the Memory Clinic, the Senior Citizens Club and the Volunteering Centre.

The purpose of the Memory Clinic, launched in December, is to diagnose dementia-related diseases at the earliest possible stage and educate people on their prevention. Free-of-charge screening tests and consultations with specialists are available to everyone. The programme is, however, primarily directed at people aged 65 or older. So far, 142 persons have taken advantage of the Memory Clinic, of whom ca. 30% have been diagnosed as requiring further treatment. Further 226 persons are in line for a consultation.

“We often hear that we lack places like the Memory Clinic. At the same time, the earlier we are able to diagnose dementia, the easier it is to stop memory loss,” says Dr Patryk Piotrowski, a neuropsychiatry expert at Angel Care.

Meetings as part of the Senior Citizens Club in Wroclaw are already a regular feature of the city’s calendar of events. It is a cycle of free-of-charge classes and meetings for senior citizens, which include physical activities, brain training, art workshops, dance evenings, lectures or hobby clubs. The meetings may be attended by everyone.

“Through the Senior Citizens Club we open up Angel Care to the local community. Also in this case, our offer fulfils the needs of senior citizens. This is proved by the great interest generated by our Senior Citizens Club. It already has 285 members, who have so far participated in 6,000 hours of classes and workshops,” says Michał Kowalski.

Angel Care also cooperates with individual volunteers as well as with organizations and associations. Volunteers are active in both the Care Home and the Senior Citizens Club.

Plans for the future

Right now Angel Care’s senior citizen centre is launching Holiday Stays and Group Workshops. Senior citizens will be able to spend their holidays in comfortable conditions, with a sense of security and in good company.

“This care segment has so far lacked an offer of such a flexible, yet comprehensive, nature. At our centre, regardless of the length of stay and the scope of care, a senior citizen is taken care of by professional staff operating 24 hours a day. The Holiday Stay will also allow for a diagnosis at the Memory Clinic,” says Michał Kowalski. “During this time, elderly persons’ children, grandchildren or caregivers will be able to regain their energy, improve their health on a holiday or engage in activities of their choice in their spare time,” he adds.

For more information visit or call 71 306 90 30 or 506 919 332.